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The Bells of Steel belt squat 2.0  is by far the best money value belt squat available and comes with some excellent upgrades:

  • Beefed up the steel to 11 gauge with 0 gauge connection plates for a 700lb weight capacity
  • Optional side or top loaded pegs (top loaded is recommended for a full range of motion)
  •  Top and bottom band pegs
  • Includes heavy duty belt

There’s been a lot of hype around belt squats as of late, and for good reason; they work.

  • Superior bushings on pivot points for a smooth movement

  • Adjustable band pegs for added dynamic resistance

  • Top and bottom pegs for adding banded resistance

  • Includes heavy duty belt with 2 feet of chain and 2 caribeners

  • Adjustable jcups

  • Black powder coating

  • Weigh’s in at a beefy 264lbs and ships unassembled in 2 boxes

  • Made of 60 x 60 mm steel 3mm thick with 8mm connection plates/ 2.3″ x 2.3″ 11 gauge steel with 0 gauge connection plates

  • Optional side of top loaded plate pegs

  • Freestanding standalone unit that does not need to be mounted

    51 inches long, 52″ wide, 40″ tall and the base is 35.5″ wide

Here’s a breakdown of why they’re the greatest thing since sliced bread, and what they can do for your training:

No upper body
The belt squat totally removes stress on your spine and upper body from the equation, allowing you to just train your lower body. Even a leg press still places a load on your torso, taking the weight off your torso allows you to give your upper body a break, or even work around injuries.

Glute activation
The belt squat really emphasizes hip extension resulting in excellent glute activation, which will ensure your buns will be as jacked as your guns.

Not just belt squats
The belt squat machine can be used for a variety of exercises, such as rows, Romanian deadlifts, tricep extensions and high pulls, which make the square foot trade-off for the machine a little better.

So now that you know why the belt squat is so awesome, let me lay down why the Bells of Steel belt squat is your best choice

As of this post, there’s currently only 1 other home gym grade belt squat, for the most part, they’re huge footprint behemoths made with bomb proof steel that sell for thousands of dollars, not ideal for the average garage gym. You also get a belt for squatting, saving you another $100.

Innovative design
Band pegs are something we try and slip into a lot of our products, they’re an inexpensive addition and add a lot of versatility to the product. The belt squat is no exception, with 4 adjustable band pegs. In addition, the connection arm has been put on a downward angle in an effort to allow you to be on top of the arm and create a smoother plane of motion.

Bushings for a smoother ride
Using 6 bushings, 4 on the primary pivot point, 2 on the safety, allows for much smoother motion, as well as substantially more durable and safer than a simple bolt.

Please note - this product may arrive with cosmetic blemishes. These can include, but are not limited to, scratches and marks to the powder coat and plastic end pieces. 

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